Our Sparrow House

Welcome to Redeemed Ministries, a 501(c)3 corporation! We provide a home for human trafficking victims. Because of the dark trauma these women have faced, specialized, long-term care is required. Homes specific to trafficking victims are few and far between across the country. Redeemed operates a restoration house that is available to adult women rescued in the United States.

Awareness and Advocacy

Redeemed Ministries is committed to bringing the issue of human trafficking in front of the public as much as possible. Through our awareness presentations and our media campaign, Redeemed is committed to spreading the message of hope God brings to trafficking victims.

Our Independent Program

Whether a woman has graduated our program or just needs some extra help, we commit to the long term by offering case management and connecting them with resources wherever they decide to live. We walk with these women for years and make sure they are handling the new stresses of everyday life in a healthy manner.

Redeemed Ministries, founded in 2005, is a faith-based non-profit 501 (c) 3 incorporated in the State of Texas. We are composed mostly of volunteers with our people serving from a wide variety of church backgrounds with our unity found in serving Jesus our Lord and Savior.  Because we have seen and understand the problem domestic sex trafficking in our community, we have set our core competency to provide quality trauma-informed Survivor Care.  We have set our mission to give churches and their congregations the opportunity to network and find their place in the fight against human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  Being a faith-based organization, it is our desire to share our passion and to bring unity to the whole church body and giving them the opportunity to engage as they feel led and called to use their gifts and talents in partnering with us to provide holistic care.