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Hi everyone!  I’m thrilled to be writing to you all today with an update about our Sparrow House.  God has been busy preparing a place for women to come to heal!  Many of you know God blessed us with a beautiful three bedroom home six and a half years ago, enabling Redeemed Ministries to open the doors of our Sparrow House with four client beds.  Three and a half years ago we moved our Sparrow House operation about an hour and a half outside of Houston because we felt our clients would benefit from living in a quiet, country setting.  We found the quiet, country setting was very beneficial on several levels but being so far away from Houston was a struggle.  Our support system of volunteers including mentors was far away. We found ourselves basically starting from scratch in the new community seeking new volunteers and pro bono service providers.  We began praying and seeking God for direction with our Sparrow House.

Early one morning in January 2016 Dennis’s phone rang.  A man was calling and offering us the use of his North Houston home if we had a need.  We drove over and were blown away!  We began talking with the home owner and making plans to once again move our Sparrow House program.  Fast forward a few months and a lot of prayers.  The generous couple made the decision to gift the home to Redeemed Ministries!  Late November the paperwork was complete and the stunning six bedroom, four and a half bathroom home valued at over $1,000,000.00 became the property of Redeemed Ministries!  This generous gift of a new home will allow us to open our doors this week doubling our client capacity to eight client beds.  The beautiful 4,500 sq. foot home sits on four and a half quiet acres conveniently located in North Houston and close to many of our pro bono providers and volunteers!

Churches in Austin, Dallas and Houston came together to provide new décor and some additional furniture.  Men’s groups came to build desks, cut down trees and clean gutters.  Volunteers came to freshen up the paint, power wash the porches and detail clean the home.  Staff came and organized books in our new reading nook, unpack and organize craft supplies, pray over the house & property and organize the welcome room.  Leaders from sister organizations came to walk through the house, praying over each room.

The common phrase spoken by those who have walked the halls of this home has been “…only God…”.  Only God would arrange a miracle this big and this beautiful.  Only God would move in the hearts of humans to give a home valued at over a million dollars to a ministry serving trafficked women.  Only God would send women to pray over and decorate client bedrooms.  Only God would fill the halls with laughter as volunteers work hard to create a unique healing environment for the precious women we serve. Only God would send amazing staff to work in the house alongside one another while serving our clients.  Only God could orchestrate and bring the exact personalities needed to have a well-rounded staff.

Only God.  Only God.  Only God.

We are finalizing the details of the home and wrapping up our staff training as these words are being written. We will open the doors of this new house this week and begin accepting new clients.  We have received applications from women across the state of Texas and from across the country.  We prepare, we pray, we rejoice at all God has done and is doing.  We stand amazed at the blessings He continues to pour out upon this ministry and the women we serve.  We quiver with excitement as the day draws close and the first sparrow steps over the threshold and into her “Fresh Start”.  We pause in the stillness of the night and know without a doubt that our God reigns and that our God is sovereign and that our God loves with a fierce love.

We would love to invite you to get involved on a deeper level with Redeemed.  Doubling our client capacity brings with it the need for additional staff.  We need to raise funds to pay for the additional staff.  Doubling our client capacity means doubling our monthly expenses.  Our grocery budget will double, our counseling fees will double, our expressive art, toiletry budget, entertainment & outing budget will double.  Would you pray about going deeper with us?  Perhaps becoming a financial partner and committing to a monthly dollar amount?  Perhaps you can come forward and commit to pay the salary of the additional staff we need to hire in order to be able to have a full house.  Perhaps you are a member of an active small group or house church who would like to provide a portion of our groceries in 2017.  One running group will be donating ready-to-go crock-pot meals so every Sunday our staff can enjoy the full Sabbath by not cooking.  Perhaps your group could commit to providing supplies for our expressive art or gift cards for entertainment outings or toilet paper.  Perhaps you are a make-up consultant willing to give facials and donate skin care products and make-up.  The ways you can go deeper are endless.  We only ask you to pray about getting involved on a deeper level.  Our number one need is prayer.  We covet your prayers.  Please pray for our leadership and our staff.  Please pray for the women who will benefit from this program.  Please pray for safety, good health and joy.  Please pray for our clients to come to know Jesus in a deep and personal way while in the house.  Please pray for peace within the house, the neighborhood and in the community as a whole.  Please pray for Gods continued provision and covering.

Thank you for your prayers, your financial support and the endless hours you give in service!

Bobbie Mark,

Director of Survivor Care

Author: Maddie Egli

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