Here is what some of our clients have to say about their experience at Redeemed:

“The safe house staff welcomed me with loving arms and a compassionate heart, helping me learn that good and healthy relationships are possible. Ultimately, the staff helped me begin discovering who I am, not only to myself but also to God, while overcoming my past traumas and turning them into victories.” ~ Sparrow 53

“I grew up in church so naturally, I would turn to God for help in my times of troubles. But after going to Redeemed and seeing people that follow God and have a true relationship on a daliy basis, I realized I wanted that. I’ve experienced so much on my journey with God that it would take a long time to explain. But to know that I have a forever loving and good Father to guide me is such a blessing and why I still follow Christ. God is all I had to hang on to in the house. No one else could get me through the tears, pain and struggles. Only God could get me through what I experienced.” ~ Sparrow 39

“What gives me hope for the world is knowing that even though this is the way things are right now, with an estimated 35 million in trafficking throughout the world, that one day, we can stop it. It may even not be in in 10 years or in 20 years or even in my lifetime. But one day, there will be a day, where there are no more slaves.” ~ Sparrow 30

“Redeemed has played an intrinsic role in my life. They have offered me much needed resources that are allowing me to recreate myself. They helped close the final chapter of being trafficked by introducing me to someone who removed my traffickers name that was branded on me. They also will provide much needed dental services here very soon!” ~ Sparrow 70

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