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Annual Tiara Dinner for Redeemed Ministries

Every summer, a crazy group of ladies get together and put our craziness on display.  We top ourselves with sparkly tiaras and matching outfits and confirm to the rest of the world that we are absolutely insane.  We don’t mind because we recognize that even the foolishness of God is wiser than men according to I Corinthians 1:25.  But my God ain’t no fool.

We also acknowledge two other important facts: First, Romans 8:16 tells that the Spirit of the Lord agrees we are children of God.  Because this is true, and God is the King of Kings according to I Timothy 6:15, then we are royalty!  What lady doesn’t like the idea of being a princess?  Second, Ephesians 2:10 says we are created to do good works.  As royalty, we have a responsibility to do good works.  It is not enough to wear a tiara and look pretty.  We must also make a positive impact on the world around us.

The regular display of crazy ladies became known as the Annual Tiara Dinner.  It is a gathering of dignitaries from far and wide to support the good work of charities.   Seriously, it is mostly local Christian sisters who collect change, wear tiaras from the local super store, and make a donation to Redeemed Ministries to impact the Kingdom of God locally.  Although royal dignitaries from as far away as Colorado and Georgia have graced our presence by attending several events.

Each year, an invitation goes out to a group of friends to announce the event which is held every August.  A theme is revealed.  A location is set.  A goal is given.  Some years, the goal has been to collect items to put into gift bags to share.  Other years, a dollar amount is named so that a specific need can be met.  Still other times, it is just a general donation to operating funds.  Often, I feel like we are just making a drop in the bucket.  I don’t want to use the pronoun I too much because this is so much bigger than me.  However, a drop in the bucket or a small dint in the problem to find a solution is still a little more than was there before or without us.  Therefore, we continue every year.

On the night of the actual event, all of my friends and their friends meet for dinner.  We come dressed as super heroes, or in camo, or as pirate princesses, or in little black dresses.  We laugh and carry on all the way through dinner and play catch up.  Some of us only see each other at this event once a year.  Through dinner, a tip jar is passed around and stuffed with tens and twenties.  At the end of dinner, I ask the wait staff to join us for the presentation as I explain what we are doing and that we want to also bless our waiter.  Sometimes, it looks like we are paying off the waiter for putting up with us!  As we leave, the ladies bring me their jars, or cans, or piggy banks of donations.  And then we head off somewhere else for dessert!

This doesn’t sound like a huge deal to go out to eat with friends, but it really is.  If a fun night with friends can support a semester of college or counseling for a sparrow, then it is worth it.  Even just a little bit is worth it.  If we do just a little, and everyone else does just a little, then we can make a difference for someone.

How can you get involved?

Learn more about hosting your own event.

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Author: Allison Dredla

I’m just a mom and a local high school teacher. No. No one should say “just.” Add to that, I am also a Sunday School teacher and Bible study leader in my local church.

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