Broken Sparrow

I have my faults,

Cant you see?

The noise halts.

To hear my plea.


I want you to hear,

What I have to say.

So come near,

Dont run away.


“Why don’t you listen?”

I yell, I scream.

It feels like I’m in a prison.

Maybe it’s all a bad dream.


I hope that I’ll awake

From whatever this is.

Somehow it’ll have been a mistake.

And I’ll remember that I’m His.


Because I am broken,

I will never be perfect.

I am outspoken.

I cannot be what you expect.


I can be rude.

I can’t always be nice.

It really depends on my mood.

I am sugar and spice.

By: A Safe House Sparrow


Author: RedeemedMinistries


  1. Reply
    Ann Longbotham says

    Amazing, God Bless.

  2. Reply
    BeLoved says

    WoW thats deep insight…

    To the creative-writer:

    May you know that God makes all things new
    He makes beauty
    Things out of the dust
    Of broken dreams
    He will give you back
    All that seems lost
    Jesus cares
    He knows
    He holds his vows

    a fellow broken Sparrow on its way of healing

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