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December Director’s Message

Merry Christmas Everyone,

I hope this season finds you well and not overly stressed out because of what I call the Christmas Crush.  This crush can be the weight of shopping, busy schedules with co-workers, friends and family, and the general busyness of this season.  I hope you get to see our Christmas tree at the Sparrow House!  The Christmas tree represents so much for the women in our house, and the ladies in the house are excited and expectant.  While they are excited and expectant like most of us during this time, for them it is also a different excitement and expectation relating to where they are now.  And where they are now is not where they’ve been.

It seems the stress of the season increases the demand for sex, which increases the exploitation.  Where they are now is safe, secure and protected.  Where the season often brings joy and cheer, for many women still being exploited, the season brings more fear, remorse and loneliness than normal.  There have been times in Redeemed’s past where the Christmas season saw an increase of cry outs for help.  I believe a desire for belonging, innocence and remembrance of a better time can cause the women to seek hope and safety which may otherwise not happen.  It is amazing how adversity births hope.

Why should Christmas be so special for us?  For them?  Because in a small impoverished town, hope was birthed to a teenage girl from a small village, at a time of crushing political upheaval, and when people were desperate for relief from the burden of societal chaos.  Of all the things going on in this season, my prayer is that we would seek and remember our need for hope above all else.  I see the ladies’ desire for a new hope, a new life and relief from the pain, and I pray we can all find hope like that.

As my pastor Jason Shepperd said in his last message on John 1:1, “Jesus was the Word.”  This Word was the completeness of all things attributed to God.  Our God is our Hope.  In all the things we face, our only Hope is God.  I pray this Christmas season is your season of Hope.  Merry Christmas with many blessings to you all!






Author: Randi Takaoka

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