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A Divine Appointment

Hello Beautiful!

As I am sitting at my weathered farm desk, with my hot tea in tow, I am overtaken by the opportunity to share with YOU my personal, divinely designed journey with Redeemed Ministries. I will never forget the moment the Lord gently tugged on my and my husband’s heartstrings when we met Maddie, Director of Communications and Marketing of Redeemed Ministries, and heard her involvement in this powerful ministry. Little did she know, that she was an answer to our prayers.

You see, a week prior, my husband (who is the Pastor of our church) said to our congregation, “I feel we are to find a local rescue ministry to sow financially into.” We did not know at the time; the Lord had already been maneuvering our steps and would cause us to have a special encounter with Maddie. A few days later the Lord orchestrated this Divine Appointment. A mutual friend introduced us and instantly upon meeting this beautiful soul, Maddie, we felt a heart connection.

Maddie shared the same compassion that my husband and I have for those precious ones who have been enslaved in sex trafficking. Those sparrows (as Redeemed calls them) who have been through the darkest nights. These ladies all have names. They all have destinies. They all have a purpose. And Redeemed Ministries is the vehicle that is being mightily used to help drive these women from out of darkness into the light and freedom that only Jesus Christ affords.

As my husband stood before our church and told of how we met Maddie, and the mission of Redeemed Ministries, there was not a dry eye in that place. You see, we all had been fervently praying for a Divine Appointment, a Kingdom connection, with a ministry who was not afraid to step out and say, “Sex trafficking is happening. Happening here in Dallas. Happening everywhere. And it must be exposed and stopped.”

A few weeks later we invited Maddie to come and share with our congregation the mission and heart of Redeemed Ministries. And oh, how God mightily used this young passionate woman! We were all greatly moved by her message, and were compelled to financially sow monthly into this great work that Redeemed Ministries is doing.

It has been over a year now, and our church has not only had the privilege of sowing financially into this amazing work, but we have made a commitment to pray daily for this ministry. This ministry, this mission, is truly one worth sowing time, finances and prayers into and we are seeing a great harvest return.

I want to encourage YOU. Know that YOU can make a difference. The effective, fervent prayers of the righteous avails much. Prayer truly does change things. This powerful ministry, who is on the frontlines, needs faithful prayer partners who will cover them daily in prayer. Who will stand in the gap for them, lifting their prayers to heaven, asking the Lord to bring faithful monthly financial supporters. Asking Him to bring in those ladies who are needing to be saved, restored, renewed and refreshed under His care. Praying for the staff, for His wisdom, His purpose and His plan to unfold in this ministry and in their lives. Praying for every need Redeemed has, to be abundantly supplied and met.

We together, yes YOU and me, can make a difference! But we must step out and do something. Anything. Perhaps, this blog is your Divine Appointment. Maybe it is your invitation to get involved. I encourage YOU today to make the decision and step out in faith. All it takes is one person with a passion to help, to make all the difference in the world.

Don’t you just love Divine Appointments? I know I do.

Much Love,


Author: Jana Tuttle

HELLO! My name is Jana. I’m a southern girl with a little hint of a Texas drawl who loves her Preacher husband, pit mix pup, and Jesus. My passion is to encourage women through the powerful Word of God to be all that He has created them to be. To live out the destiny He has divinely designed for them.  And to become women of prayer who know nothing is impossible for their God!

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