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Resource Recommendation: Fallen by Annie Lobert

Welcome to our first resource recommendation!

We want to equip you to be the best anti-trafficking advocate you can be, and one of the best ways to talk intelligently about trafficking is to read about it. Our resource recommendations will give you a good place to start!

Fallen by Annie Lobert

Fallen is the autobiography of Annie Lobert, who stumbled into the sex industry as a young adult and was trafficked for sixteen years. Her book is a great resource for anyone wanting to understand the commercial sex industry and the experiences of a woman in the midst of trafficking. Many of the truths she brings to the table ring true for anyone suffering abuse or broken relationships and needs to hear that there is hope in Christ.

Lobert’s story is unique because she began working as a call girl on her own terms, free from the control of a pimp. A desire for money and for control over her life drew her in, but the affirmation and confidence boost she felt from men quickly hooked her. Though she was ashamed of what she was doing from the start, she saw working as a high class call girl as a temporary job that would bring swift independence. Lobert chose “Fallen” as her escort name, which became a motif for how far she would fall into a dark and desperate place.

Though Lobert was selling herself, her view of romance was far from pessimistic. She had a picture in mind of a fairytale romance, and when she met a handsome man who she thought could be the one, she fell hard and fast. Before long, he began to use her love for him as a tool of manipulation, and the man she thought was her boyfriend became her pimp. Though Lobert knew what was going on, her love for him blinded her to keep selling herself for his benefit.

Finding Jesus

Though her story is one of cyclical broken relationships and abuse, Jesus revealed himself to her throughout her journey. After sixteen years in the sex industry, she found the strength in Christ to leave her abuser and the sex industry for good.

Lobert now runs a ministry called Hookers for Jesus in Las Vegas, where she formerly worked as a call girl. She chose the name for the ministry to transform a term with a negative connotation into one that glorifies God. Like the disciples, Lobert has become a fisher of men, reaching out to women who have a story much like her own to tell them the good news of the gospel.

In her autobiography, Lorbert brings light to the pain that women in the sex industry suffer, even if it was their choice to enter it in the first place. She brings understanding to the often-asked question of why women stay with their traffickers. She outlines pimp culture and how the commercial sex industry operates. She offers encouragement to any woman who has been placing their self-worth and identity in things of the world and not in the Lord. She gives insight into what victims of sex trafficking victims need to believe about themselves in order to leave the industry.

If you want to learn more about trafficking, want to help women who have experienced physical or emotional abuse, or are a survivor of abuse, this book is for you. The insights and truths found in her story prove that God is in the business of healing the broken hearted.

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Author: Kelly Coles

Kelly is a student at the University of Texas studying Journalism and Sociology, graduating in May 2018. She hopes to use her education to fight human trafficking through research and storytelling. Kelly is the Summer 2017 Media Intern for Redeemed.

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