The opportunities to volunteer with Ministries are many and varied, and new opportunities arise with each new Sparrow. We encourage you to look at your gifts and interests, and find a place where you can serve.


Organize an information night at your church or for a small group.
Learn how to present information to churches and organizations.
Tell your family, friends and co-workers about the issue.


Join one of our many outreach teams and seek victims.

Build Relationships:

Build relationships with women currently being exploited.
Build relationships with local churches who want to engage.
Build relationships with local businesses who can contribute to the fight or aftercare.
Build relationships with law makers and law enforcement officers.

Identify Resources:

Connect with therapists, doctors, attorneys and other professional service providers to arrange for pro bono services to be made available to survivors.
Research available resources survivors can use to integrate back into society.
Help organize fund raisers.
Collect Various Gifts Cards to use in the Aftercare Incentive Program.

Redeem Their Value:

Join the Prayer Team.
Become a Mentor.
Lead a Bible Study.

Volunteer by contacting us today or sending an email to!