Assessment Center Meals
The Assessment Center will be a place where survivors can come to rest and begin their new life. Many of you ask what you can do to help. One of our greatest needs is food. You can provide meals in two ways:
1) Providing gift cards to local restaurants (serving 9) or
2) Preparing a homemade meal (serving 9).
If you would like more information please email

Development Team
Be a part of a team to locate organizations, churches, etc., that are willing to organize and put on fundraisers for Redeemed Ministries. This team also seeks donations/contributions from individuals, groups and churches to financially support the care of our Sparrows. Additionally, if you are interested in assisting with grant writing, please consider joining this team. For further information contact

Coaster & Product Distribution Team
In order for the Sparrows to earn income from the coasters, they need to be offered as thank you gifts for donations. We have been blessed with abundant opportunities to offer the coasters and other items for donations and we need volunteers attend these events and help with the promotion of the products.


Awareness/Presentation Team
Awareness is spreading and with it are more requests for presentations all over Greater Houston. Last week our team was spread out from Santa Fe to Rosenberg. We really need more presenters on the south side of town. If you have a laptop, know how to use a PowerPoint or Keynote and are passionate about revealing what is hiding in plain sight, then we need you!

Administrative Assistance
Help leaders with administrative duties (must be comfortable with computers, organized and be able to work independently to assist team leaders to manage their team needs).

Database Designer
We need someone with the skill to design and implement a database for ministry teams to manage and share project information.

Survivor Resources Team
From dental work to movers to hair-dos, so much of what our Sparrows need to heal mind, body and spirit, as well as resources to build a new life, is provided through pro bono services. We need those services and we need people to help reach out to those professionals in the Greater Houston area. If you’re interested in joining the Survivor Resources Team, please contact Lauren