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A Message from Redeemed Austin

I was truly grieved when I was first approached with the news that Redeemed Austin would be closing down their operations. I have been around as a volunteer for Redeemed Austin since the beginning, but door after door seems to be shutting for us in Austin while I see God moving Redeemed to focus on and grow their safe house program. A direction whose goal is to still serve those vulnerable women all over Texas and the United States.

The prayer, time, and wisdom that went into this decision enables me to truly trust this decision as not only a necessary transition but one that I truly believe will produce great things.

While our office is leaving Austin- the heartbeat and passion remains. Our jail and outreach teams will continue but will transition to new organizations and leadership. These changes are still in process but already I can tell big and wonderful things will continue to happen through these ministries.

-Elle Mitchell

Author: Randi Takaoka

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