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Onward I March

My heart longs for you.

The depths of my soul cry out.

Your embrace surrounds me.

Alone, I am no more.


I feel the wind on my skin.

It’s gentle caresses

Remind me of your promises.

And I know I’m gonna be OK.


My life hasn’t always

Taken the easiest path.

But, I now know I can rest

In your unending love and overwhelming grace.


You saved me from death.

My sin should have kept me

Eternally away from Paradise

But, you gave me your Son so I’d be set free.


Thank you for delivering me

Out of darkness, into your light

For choosing to love me,

Even when I was walking blind in the night.


I am in desparate need

For you, Oh Lord… surround me.

I want you to take away my pain.

But without it there’d be no gain.


So I will stand another day;

I will seek you as my way.

Onward I march.

Forward I go.


Only looking back

To say, “Oh yes,

I’ve overcome my past.”

~Sparrow 74


Author: RedeemedMinistries

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