There is hope for survivors of human trafficking. The bonds of modern day slavery can be exchanged for the freedom of a second chance. Every person is valuable and deserves the opportunity for restoration.
We offer free presentations to educate and engage individuals, small groups and congregations to their possible role with your church’s mission or ours.  We can schedule a presentation to your local missions or compassion ministry staff first, and then present to your congregation in an informal information night presentation.  Email us for more information regarding Awareness/Presentations.


Redeemed Ministries has long empowered communities to be informed and engaged against the issues of crime stemming from the violence associated with human trafficking and it’s negative impact on our neighborhoods.
Let us educate and empower your community’s civic organization with information regarding the issues of human trafficking, its effects, and what law enforcement and legislators are doing to encourage change.  Email us for more information regarding Awareness/Presentations.