On the Redeemed Podcast about human trafficking, we want to share the stories about of those fighting it from all over! Tune in now!

Episode 15.0: From a Guy’s Perspective

On this episode of the Redeemed Ministries podcast we sit down with Jared, husband of our Dallas Director, and get a perspective on human trafficking from a guy’s perspective. From the role of porn, leadership in the workplace and how to take action, we discuss it all! Our Houston Director: desirie.dougall@redeemedministries.com Our Dallas Director: maddie.egli@redeemedministries.com The North Texas Giving […]

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Episode 14.0: The Church and Human Trafficking

On this episode of the Redeemed Ministries podcast we reflect on the shootings that happened in Dallas this past weekend. What can we learn from the responses of citizens and the response of the local church? How can we apply that towards human trafficking victims? We discuss all this and more, including actionable items your church […]

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Episode 13.0: Trafficking and Traveling

Hi there! On this episode of the Redeemed Ministries podcast we discuss key things to look for when traveling so that you can spot human trafficking victims. We also provide questions to ask and what to do if you suspect someone is being trafficked! Articles and websites mentioned in this podcast: Airline Ambassadores International: http://airlineamb.org Mashable […]

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