Our focus population is Domestic Adult Women Sex Trafficking Victims
We have operated a 4 bed safe house since October of 2010 and have provided services to numerous survivors; and we are 1 of 2 known in Texas.  We now have a safe house that gives us an 8 bed capacity.

Redeemed Ministries helps survivors of adult domestic sex trafficking by:
Offering a safe environment for holistic healing
Using a structured schedule to address chaos caused by trauma
Utilizing third-party trauma trained counselors for care
Utilizing curriculum designed for addressing physical, emotional, relational and spiritual healing
Developing individualized care for healthy reintegration to independent living
Engaging the church and community to be a part of the healing process

Areas we work in:
Survivor Care
-Intake Services (Assessment and Stabilization)
-Sparrow House (Long-term residential safe house)
-Transitional and Independent Support Sevices

-Community Awareness and Engagement
-Partnership Development