This is a faith-based aftercare training in Houston and is designed for individuals interested in taking the huge step into Survivor Care. This training exists because you have a desire to learn more about the trauma women exiting Commercial Sexual Exploitation have survived and how that trauma will affect the healing process. This training exists for those who want to serve in a role that will bring you into direct relationship with survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. That role may be as a safe house volunteer, mentor, a counselor, or working with other organizations in the area of Survivor Care.

This training is not designed to answer all the questions of the whys and wherefores of why this issue exists. Nor is it designed to find an end all solution. We do not discuss Advocacy, Law Enforcement’s role in the issue or the issue of demand. If you have not attended the Redeemed Ministries Point of Entry, please make sure you have received basic Sex Trafficking training prior to this training.

We address the following topics:

Common Health Problems and Physical Needs associated with Survivors
Confidentiality of Survivor Information and Rehabilitation
Emotional Responses and Addressing Grief
The Dynamics of Sex Trafficking
Spiritual Needs of the Survivors
The Biblical View of Sexuality
Cost of Being a Caregiver
Church’s Responsibilities
The Value of Women
Survivor Transition
Biblical Themes

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